Nanit Plus Camera & Floor Stand


$380 retail price
$47 per month

This rental does not include a subscription to the Nanit Insights subscription service. That will have to be purchased separately.

This bundle includes the Nanit Plus camera and floor stand. The camera allows you to watch everything happening in and around the crib with stunning clarity so your baby is never out of sight, and the floor stand gives you the perfect overhead view of baby. The camera (HD 960p) includes a soft glow nightlight with gradual dimming, two-way audio that lets you to talk or sing to your little one right through your phone and real-time temperature, humidity, sound and motion notifications.

The Nanit Plus uses computer vision to learn how your baby moves, then analyzes those patterns to provide you with insights into your baby’s sleep development. From the time it took for your child to fall asleep to how many times you went into the nursery, Nanit keeps track of your baby’s sleep so you don’t have to. The app even provides customized sleep coaching tips that are based on your baby’s unique sleeping patterns. Nanit streams live video and audio both on the baby monitor and right to your phone, so you can check on your kiddo when you’re away from home. And soon, they’ll be even more data coming your way. The new Nanit Complete Monitor System with Breathing Motion includes a special breathing band that wraps around a swaddle and uses a custom-designed pattern to detect your little one’s breathing motion and alert your phone and your camera to any irregularities.




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