DockATot Deluxe+ with Toy Arch


$300 retail price
$35 per month

This innovative, Swedish-designed “dock” offers a comfy spot for your baby to lounge, play, have tummy time or get a diaper change. The soft, snug pod is reassuring for babies (it has a cozy, soothing surrounding that mimics the womb), and its versatility makes it a boon for parents. The DockATot is excellent for tummy time: prop your baby against the rounded tube to play while developing neck strength and motor skills. The lightweight design travels well, and you can change out the cover if you like. Rest assured: the materials used in DockATot are washable and certified to Okeo-Tex standards. The material is also non-heat harboring to ensure a comfortable “micro climate” for your baby. The Deluxe is ideal for babies ages 0 – 8 mos.


Safety, Sleep

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