Baby Basics: 4 Essentials Every New Parent Needs

For all the endless resources available in print and on the Internet, much of the art of parenting is learned on the fly. What works for one parent and one baby may be the polar opposite of what another baby needs. That said, there are some baby basics that are fairly consistent.

These are the things that every baby will need, no ifs, ands, or buts. Unless you’re radically reinventing the art of raising a baby (hint: you’re not) you’re going to live and die by these essentials. 

Focusing on big-ticket items, rather than smaller items like diapers and bottles (because everyone already knows parents are going to buy those), we’re exclusively looking at  items that are needed in the first few months of a baby’s life. Let’s review:

4 Baby Basics Every New Parent Should Furnish With

1. Every New Parent Should Have A Bassinet

baby basics - bassinet - nursery furnishing - aristot bassinet

A bassinet is a smaller, more portable sleep setup for an infant, specifically a newborn. It’s an essential baby basics item to furnish your nursery with.

Bassinets are often the first sleeping spot for a newborn baby because they’re easier to keep in the parents’ room due to their smaller size. In addition, the base of a bassinet is set higher than a crib, which makes it easier to bend and pick up the baby (for parents that have just given birth, a bassinet will help save late-night back fatigue). 

These special beds are a lot cozier for babies right out of the womb and may help them to sleep better.

2 & 3. New Parents Should Invest In a Stroller and Car Seat Combo

baby stroller car seat combo

A stroller and a car seat should be considered together because chances are they’re going to be used together. 

There are many types of strollers on the market (standard, lightweight, jogging, double, travel, etc.) so it pays to think about where and how the family’s lifestyle will affect stroller usage. To take a baby anywhere parents will be grateful for a stroller. 

Car seats are also an essential early investment. Hospitals won’t allow parents to take their baby home without one. Car seats will vary depending on the baby’s stage of life. To get the best bang for your buck, consider a convertible car seat that can change as the baby grows.

4. A Baby Rocker is a Baby Basics Must Have

baby rocker

A rocker might not seem as essential as other items on this list, but our expert parents say ‘think again!’ Trying to soothe a baby at 3 AM while running on only 90 minutes of continuous sleep, exhausted parents will be grateful for a baby rocker. 

A rocker is like a small rocking chair built for babies. It’s more portable than a swing or bouncer, and can rock independently or with a tiny bit of activation help from the parent. Babies love rockers! They imitate movements parents use to soothe, and parents love them because they free up the need to pick up an armful of baby that only gets heavier with each passing week.

Lux.Baby Bundles

Lux.Baby was founded on the idea that parents should be able to get everything they need to be great new parents on demand without paying an arm and a leg. Babies deserve a high quality, luxury start to life.. We also know that babies quickly outgrow items. Paying big bucks out of pocket for temporary items just doesn’t make sense. 

Lux.Baby’s nursery furnishing bundles are designed to give parents the high-tech, luxury furnishings they need for those precious first months of a baby’s life at prices they can afford. 


baby essentials bundle - discount baby furnishing

The Basics Bundle is exactly what it sounds like: the bare-bones basics our experts swear by for the first few months. 

It includes the Rockwell bassinet and the Levo rocker, two essentials for those first few months trying to settle a fussy newborn. Both are designed in a sleek, modern style that parents will love and provide the comfort any baby needs to thrive. 


baby essentials - techie - bundle - nursery furnishing

The Techie Bundle is designed for parents who want to leverage modern technology for a smarter approach to their newborn care. 

It includes the Snoo bassinet, a responsive bassinet that senses a baby’s fussing and provides gentle rocking timed with the baby’s fussiness, as well as soothing white white noise perfectly attuned to help them settle and sleep. 

The Techie also includes the MamaRoo bouncer, which uses five fluid motions designed to mimic the most effective movements parents use to soothe babies, including swaying from side-to-side and bouncing up and down. The MamaRoo bouncer comes with a built-in white noise machine and an MP3 player so parents can play a baby’s favorite soothing sounds. 


baby essentials - bundle - starter package - nursery furnishing

The Starter Bundle is a curated assortment with all the baby basics a new parent needs: 

  • A Snoo bassinet
  • A Levo rocker
  • A Mesa car seat
  • An UPPAVista stroller

This option brings together some of Lux.Baby’s most popular individual items as a package parents will love almost as much as their babies. The high-tech bassinet, soothing rocker, and smart travel system are perfect for taking a baby on the go.

Looking for Baby Basics?

No parent should have to compromise functionality or style when it comes to furnishing what their newborn needs, nor should parents have to blow their budget for high-quality items their baby deserves. 

Check out Lux.Baby/Shop to explore available bundles and find the perfect combination for your nursery. We look forward to supporting this next chapter of your life. 

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