7 Baby Shower Gifts You Can’t Go Wrong With

Unless you’ve had a baby yourself, you’re in the position of many friends-of-soon-to-be-parents: staring dumbfounded at a registry with no idea that these products even existed

Point is, we’re willing to bet that you have no idea where to begin with the whole baby shower gifts thing. So we’re here to help you be the hero of the baby shower. 

The key to baby shower gifts is functionality. A gift might be the cutest little thing ever but also kind of useless when push comes to shove (or rather, when the baby starts crying at 3 a.m.). Here are a few baby shower gifts that every new mom will thank you for. 


Listen, babies have a lot of germs. They’re cute as a button and all, but germs. And while babies have the resiliency of a rubber ball, they’re also disconcertingly fragile. 

And for new parents trying to figure out why they entrusted themselves with this responsibility, they’re trying to find a practical way to clean the various baby accouterments while keeping said accouterments in circulation. 

That’s where a sterilizer comes in. 

This Baby Brezza sterilizer packs a one-two punch. It uses steam to sterilize things that catch a lot of germs, like bottles and pump parts, and then dries them so you don’t have any moisture to invite mold. 

Can you say best gift ever

Docking Station

No, we’re not talking about a charging dock, though a baby will certainly feel recharged after spending some time in one. 

Docking stations are a brilliant invention that look a bit like pool floats. The idea is simple: a warm, cozy environment that mimics the womb, making it crazy-soothing for babies. They can sleep, lounge, play, get some tummy time, or even sneak in a diaper change. 

New moms will love it because they help keep the baby contained without strapping them in. They can still play and do their thing without making Mom worried. Our docking station comes with a toy arch that babies adore. 

Better still, it’s all easily washable, for when those inevitable accidents happen. 

The size is ideal for newborns up to eight months old, so new moms can start using it right away. Plus, using our rental system instead of buying means that new parents don’t need to deal with the hassle of getting rid of an item their baby has outgrown. 

Baby Monitor

A baby monitor is the perfect early investment for when parents stop using a bassinet and transition the baby into another room. It’s also a great investment for those times when the parents want to move the sleeping baby out of the room so they can use the space without sacrificing naptime (or their own peace of mind). 

Our Nanit Plus camera and floor stand bundle allows parents to monitor the baby using an app on their phone. They’ll be able to see everything in and around the crib with stunning clarity. It has a soft-glow night light to keep it gentle in the night, two-way audio so parents can soothe their baby to sleep, and real-time humidity, temperature, sound, and motion updates. 

It’s a brilliant system that learns how your baby moves to offer you smarter notifications. That way, you can respond when your baby genuinely needs attention, not just when they’re shifting. Alternately, you can keep them out of trouble before things get out of hand. 

Stroller and Car Seat System

Yes, we know this is technically two gifts. That’s what makes the Pipa Lite LX Car Seat Travel System so brilliant. 

This is a complete travel set that will ensure new parents are ready to take their baby anywhere the mood takes them, whether that’s in the car or around the block. 

It’s a bundle gift, combining a Nuna TAVO stroller and a PIPA Lite LX car seat. They’re sleek but super cozy for the baby and easy as pie for overtired new parents to navigate. The stroller also comes with a handy storage compartment underneath, so they’ll never be caught unprepared no matter how far they are from home. 

High Chair

It might be all bottles and milk at the start, but it won’t be long before they’re exploring solid foods. Why not prepare new parents for all those future mealtimes with a stylish high chair? 

Our Micuna OVO high chair was designed with all the best materials—think high-quality textiles that won’t upset sensitive baby skin paired with solid beech wood for a high chair that has serious staying power (and style, to boot). 

After all, who says that having a baby should completely upend your style sensibilities? This high chair says they shouldn’t. 

But most of all, it’s a highly functional chair that parents and babies alike will love to use for all those meals that make the early moments of parenting. 

Looking for the Best Baby Shower Gifts?

We firmly believe that buying for a baby—whether you’re buying baby shower gifts or shopping for your own baby—should be the perfect combination of style and budget-friendliness. 

That’s why we’re here to redefine luxury rentals for those critical first months of a baby’s life (also the months when babies outgrow literally everything). With our rentals, new parents can get the supplies they need and cancel the ones they don’t. No fuss, no muss. Just functionality. 

And that’s something every new parent will thank you for. 

Looking for a baby shower gift? Check out our shop today. 

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